The bay
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An exciting and full with a lot of emotion experience, for these who like water sports. We organize a course for group of maximum 8 peple. The equipment and skilled instuctor are provide by us.
Canое Canое
Letting down in caves
We organize letting down in caves, so-called "Haramiiska whole", where you can enjoy one of the greatest masterpiece of the bulgarian environment.
Letting down in caves Letting down in caves
Climb up into canyon

If you like the whiled nature, crystal purity of the rivers and high waterfalls, then for You there is unly one solution - so caled "Canyoning". Carefully hidden among the bulgarian mountains You can enjoy of the beautifull river valleyes waiting for You to reveal their charm, by creating unforgettable memories for its visitors.

Climb up into canyon Climb up into canyon
Letting down by the river

One exciting jorney in the in full force waters on the "Struma" river in so called "Kresnesko defile". Test Your courage by fighteing with these swift current. The only one thing Yul`ll need is Your will for participation.The equipment and skilled instuctors are provide by us.

Letting down by the river Letting down by the river
Mountain climbing
We organize mountain climbing and letting down with a different difficulty, depending on Your skills and preparation.
Mountain climbing Mountain climbing
For additional information, prices and any questions You can give us a call at tellephones: 0886797019; 0887940303 or just wrote us un e-mail at: You can visit our official site where You can find more details about the things we offer, see more pictures and many more:
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