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    Population of Kraimorie is almost 1000 people. It is a place offering calmness and quietness and either a lot of fun near it! Some of the things available to You are: discotheque which is situated on the beach near the sea, some place of entertainment, and a few restaurants which can offer You the best seafood and different kinds of sea delicacy, salads and many more! The coast is separated in three beaches, each one with uniformly sea bottom. There also are underwater rocks and rock formations where You could catch some clams or crabs if you want to for instance.
   In few kilometers in the see is situated an island called St.Anastasia. You can visit the island by catching a small boat or yacht!
Rocks Island St.Anastasia
   In a kilometer away You will find a preserve for birds and different kinds of plants. In 10 minutes away by car in south direction from Kraimorie is situated an antique city called Sozopol. There You will be abele to sea a lot of antique buildings and some culture monuments since Middle Ages.
Sozopol Antique house Bird
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